Mid-Year Update: CRC Report

This past week the CRC Report team was invited to Ketchum, ID to participate in a half-day seminar for HOA Board members and community leaders. The event was sponsored and hosted by our friends Tim Dublin and Tom Normand, the owners of GreatWest Property Management, a Boise, ID-based management firm which also serves the Ketchum-Sun Valley, ID market.

Yours truly was the featured speaker and for the event we produced a new PowerPoint presentation titled: Community Next: 2020 and Beyond – The Community Associations Institute’s Blueprint for the Future of Your HOA.

The presentation focused on a March 2016 Panel Report published by the CAI which has been covered by the HOA Detective in several previous posts. The report is nothing less than a call to action that sets forth a potential legislative agenda which will result in radical changes to the way HOAs and managed and governed if any of several major talking points ever do become enacted into law.

The event was well attended, with approximately 30 invitees in the audience, all of whom had to RSVP in order to attend. Considering the mid-afternoon, mid-week scheduling and the resort nature of the surrounding environment, where there are countless activities that are arguably more entertaining than sitting in a hotel conference room listening to and old Texan harking on about an industry that is desperately in need of reform, although not necessarily the kind of reform proposed by the CAI.

Judging by the parting comments and audience participation in the Q&A which followed, I would say that the event was a smashing success. The turnout and the level of engagement by the attendees was enough to suggest that there are people out there who are paying attention and are well aware of the need for change and the inevitable consequences of inaction.

Our hosts, Tim and Tom, went all out, staging the event at the Limelight Inn, Ketchum’s newest and swankiest resort hotel. The seminar itself was followed up with a meet and greet that included a BBQ dinner that was worthy of any Texan and a hosted bar that was open to all who attended, which naturally led to the majority of those in the audience hanging around until well past the dinner hour.

During the three days that we were in Ketchum for this event, the CRC Report orders continued to roll in with no less than six paid orders arriving between Monday morning and the end of the day on Thursday while we in route back to our home base of Portland, OR.

When a seventh order was received on Friday morning it officially tied the 2016 record of seventy-seven paid orders in one year. By the end of the day yesterday (7/21) we had received one more paid order, which brought the total since Monday to eight, while also setting a new record for the most sales in one year. At the current rate we are on track to sell 140 or more CRC Reports in 2017, which would represent almost a 100% increase over the 2016 record.

We also received notice from our attorney and Ft. Worth, TX native, Zac Padgett, that the new company, CID Analytics, Inc. (CIDA) is now “official” having been successfully registered with the state of Delaware earlier this month. The development of the CIDA, Inc. website continues to move forward, as does the work on the new company logo.

On July 14, 2017 we retained the services of the crowdfunding consultant startup.co. The company operates a website called fundable.com and they will be assisting us with a crowdfunding campaign that will attempt to raise an initial round of funding from accredited investors as well as friends, family and rich uncles.

Once the funding campaign begins to bear fruit we will initiate a software development project to develop a proprietary software program that will database the information that is used to create the CRC (CIDA) Report and to generate the report itself.

These are exciting times for the CRC (soon to be) CIDA Report, so stay tuned!