The HOA Detective

The HOA Detective is a blog space that is sponsored by the founders of the CIDA Report. The primary blogger is Carson M. Horton, RS. Mr. Horton a founding partner and acting CEO of CID Analytics, Inc. (CIDA)

The idea for the CIDA Report is the brainchild of Ms. Broili, whose experience working in the community management industry led her to the conclusion that buyers who purchased homes in a homeowner association (HOA) were often misled, or at the very least “under-informed,” with respect to the fiscal stability of the HOA they were buying into. After witnessing more than a few hapless buyers fall victim to the financial hazards of purchasing a home in an HOA, without first becoming fully informed about the financial condition of the organization, she became convinced that there had to be a better way.


Over the last six years the CIDA Report has become a key component of the home buying process for more than 400 buyers who have purchased a report from CIDA before committing to the purchase of a home located in an HOA. Realtors® in the Portland, OR market have quickly become aware of  the importance of the due diligence process to such an extent that CIDA now counts more than 30 Portland area brokerage firms and 150+ agents among its network of referring brokers. It is our belief that the service will become as commonplace as a home inspection for any buyer purchasing a home in an HOA.

Our motto is Because You are Buying More Than a Home. The tag-line refers to the fact that when you purchase a home in an HOA you are not only buying a piece of real property, you are also becoming a part-owner of a non-profit corporation, which in many respects is no different from investing in a for-profit business. To learn more about how the purchase of a home in an HOA is different from purchasing a home that is not located in a HOA you may browse the posts on this blog. Be sure to bookmark our site and return often to continue educating yourself about the complexities of HOAs and how being a member of an HOA can impact your home ownership experience.