Local Condo Association Receives $3M Construction Defect Settlement For ONE Leaky Door!

Portland, OR - Readers who have been following the HOA Detective blog for any length of time should know by now how yours truly feels about the construction defect litigation racket. Thanks in no small part to Oregon's overly lenient statute of limitations, which allows a homeowner association to bring a  civil action against a … Continue reading Local Condo Association Receives $3M Construction Defect Settlement For ONE Leaky Door!

A Tale of Two Reserve Studies: Part II

In our first installment of this series we introduced a story-line that began in July 2015 when CIDA's predecessor Capital Reserve Consultants (CRC) examined a local condominium association for the first time (Association A) and a second similar condominium (Association B) in June of 2016. Both condominiums contained a similar number of dwelling units and … Continue reading A Tale of Two Reserve Studies: Part II

A Tale of Two Reserve Studies

One of the things that we advise all of our clients is that a homeowner association's financial situation can change quickly. Hence, it cannot be assumed that just because an Association received a relatively positive review from CIDA's examiners it will always be a fiscally sound, well run organization. A second piece of advice that … Continue reading A Tale of Two Reserve Studies

The Tipping Point…

Back in 2009, while the housing market was in the process of imploding, Capital Reserve Consultants, LLC (CRC), received an invitation from the Community Associations Institute (CAI) asking if CRC would be interested in submitting a proposal to be a presenter at the upcoming CAI national conference. Never being one to miss an opportunity CRC's … Continue reading The Tipping Point…

Introduction to Reserve Planning

What is reserve planning and why is it important to the sustainability of a homeowner association (HOA)? Most people who purchase homes in HOAs have no idea what a reserve study is, or why it is important. In spite of the critical role reserve planning plays in the long-term sustainability of a common interest development … Continue reading Introduction to Reserve Planning

HOA Blotter: January 27, 2018

Dateline: University Park, WA - Breaking news from the Evergreen State... The HOA Detective has just learned that during the past week a University Park, WA condo owner was required to pay $295 to to the Association's management company to obtain the Condominium Resale Certificate that is required by state law in Washington. The Certificate … Continue reading HOA Blotter: January 27, 2018

CRC Report Spin-Off is Now Official

Almost six years after the the first report was delivered, the founders of the CRC Report have completed the spin-off of their pre-purchase HOA due diligence service into a stand-along enterprise. The new company, CID Analytics, Inc. (CIDA), was registered with the state of Delaware in June of 2017. The spin-off became official on December … Continue reading CRC Report Spin-Off is Now Official