Introduction to Reserve Planning

What is reserve planning and why is it important to the sustainability of a homeowner association (HOA)? Most people who purchase homes in HOAs have no idea what a reserve study is, or why it is important. In spite of the critical role reserve planning plays in the long-term sustainability of a common interest development … Continue reading Introduction to Reserve Planning

2020 and Beyond: Mandatory Reserve Funding…Really?

If you have been following the HOA Detective blog for any length of time then you know that yours truly talks a lot about the importance of reserve planning and funding for homeowners associations. To quickly recap, the position of the HOA Detective is that reserve planning and funding of a reserve account is the … Continue reading 2020 and Beyond: Mandatory Reserve Funding…Really?

Community Next: 2020 and Beyond

In March of 2016 the Community Associations Institute (CAI) released a White Paper titled: Community Next: 2020 and Beyond - The Association Governance Model Panel Report....

Reserve Studies: The Importance of Objectivity

Why is it important that the reserve study be prepared by an impartial, third-party provider? This is a question that many reserve study providers would just as soon not have to answer. It is also one that the industry itself has chosen to address in only a passing manner by requiring that the reserve study … Continue reading Reserve Studies: The Importance of Objectivity