The CRC REPORT® is the nation’s leading pre-purchase due diligence service for home buyers. If you are considering the purchase of a home within a homeowners association (HOA) then you need a CRC REPORT® if you want to be fully informed about the financial stability of the HOA, before committing to the purchase.

The CRC REPORT® is the sponsor of The HOA Detective blog space, the purpose of which is to help educate home buyers,  and industry professionals about the potential financial risks associated with owning a home in an HOA.  The CRC REPORT® includes the HOA’s CRC SCORE®, a proprietary feature that was developed by the publishers of the CRC REPORT™ which ranks the financial stability of an HOA using a numerical rating system. Similar to a consumer credit score, the CRC SCOREallows a buyer or lender to quickly assess the financial stability of a particular HOA, once the score is known.

To order a CRC REPORT™ or to view a sample report please visit To speak with a representative please call 800-218-0302 between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:00PM Pacific Time.