“My business partner, Temara, and I started using CIDA several years ago when she discovered them on her search for assistance with analyzing HOA documents. Referring our buyers to CRC has been one of the most crucial additions to our services for buyers of condominiums/row homes that have HOA’s. First, it gives the buyer a truly professional, objective view of the financial situation of the HOA and second, it removes the risk from both the buyer and the broker of not completely understanding what has been presented. From a managing broker point of view, this also is a great risk reduction tool that I strongly advise to all our agents. In fact, I would say that a review by CIDA is more important than the home inspection!” Eva S. – Managing Broker, Meadows Group, Inc. Realtors

“Carson….thank you for your opinion and expertise. Your conclusion regarding the price reduction makes complete sense. Your service has been worth every penny and more. I’ll be recommending both you and your services at any available opportunity. Interesting how the deal has evolved, it has been a trial by fire, to say the least. Bottom line, it looks like my daughter has forwarded her last Addendum and things are good to go. She got a substantial price reduction, thanks to your expertise. ” Jeff G. – Milwaukie, OR

“In today’s market, investigating the financial health and stability of the homeowners association is vital to protect one’s investment when purchasing a condo. That is why I always recommend my clients order a CIDA Report each and every time. In my experience, the CIDA Report offers an invaluable service to buyers as it clearly and concisely evaluates a homeowners association from every angle. The CIDA team goes above and beyond for home buyers providing an impressive level of expertise to answer all their questions. Thanks to a CIDA Report, my clients are better educated and feel more confident with their purchase.” Dana H., Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Select – Portland, OR

“Carson was a terrific advocate during my condo negotiation process. Beyond friendliness, knowledge of the market, and sage advice, I most appreciated the negotiating power of the CIDA Report. He built and presented a persuasive buyer’s report for a favorable price reduction of about $10,000. If you want an intelligent and savvy professional on your side of the negotiating table, CIDA Report is a company to have on your team. I’m thrilled that he was on mine.” TB – Portland, OR

“Dear Carson…Again, my thanks for your due diligence. I do appreciate your energy, expertise and time.” GF – Portland, OR

“Thanks again for the analysis and report, Carson. The CIDA Report gives me more confidence that we are buying into a well-managed building.” Bob M. – Portland, OR

“Carson Horton, at CRC, has played an important role in my clients’ inspection process of properties with home owners associations. His expert knowledge of the finances and legal requirements has helped my clients avoid the pitfalls of mismanaged developments. He balances cautionary information with suggestions for improvement, allowing clients to make an informed decision about their purchase.” – Temara P., CRS, Principal Broker Meadows Group Inc., Realtors

“I found the CIDA Report to be an invaluable value during the purchase of our condo. The information gleaned by Carson was very thorough and turned up information that I would otherwise not have known. Not only was I able to obtain a concession from the seller as a result, but it provided peace of mind for me to complete the purchase” Dan G. – Portland, O

“Carson has been a wealth of information for me as a real estate professional. His knowledge of Home Owner Associations is beyond what the average property management company has. I recently had buyers who hired Carson to do an analysis of an HOA for the town home they were purchasing. The report outlined areas where the HOA had been struggling in years past, how they responded to correct the situation, the path they are now on to get back on track and the anticipated outcome of where they will be in a year or two. He took the time to talk not only with my buyers, but with me as well. His communication is outstanding. Since then, if I ever have an HOA question I call Carson first!” Sharon F. – Coldwell Banker Seal

“The CIDA Report was extremely valuable to me as I made my purchasing decision. The thoroughness of the report, as well as Carson’s willingness to help guide me through questions and concerns, allowed me to proceed confidently. I highly recommend this excellent service.” Gregg N. – Portland, OR

“Hi Carson, Thank you for your very enlightening and thorough report. I learned a lot from you, and eased my mind as well.” Dolores D. – Portland, OR

“Thanks so much, Carson. I have had a good, initial review of this report, and must say “thanks” for the thoroughness of the report, as you have touched on all of my areas of concern. I will touch base on Monday morning to discuss with you. All the best, and enjoy your week-end!” Bill M. – West Linn, OR

“Carson: Just wanted to let you know that after our discussion last evening, we asked the seller to accept a $10,000 concession because of the pending litigation and opaque HOA issues. Much to my pleasure, the seller agreed this morning! So… job well done. I appreciate your efforts immensely.” Dan G. – Portland, OR

“Thank you Carson, this report looks great. I’ll definitely recommend your company to other Realtors® that are dealing with HOA’s. Thanks again…” Tanner M. – Broker, Hasson Company Realtors, Portland, OR

“Hi Carson, Thank you for this CIDA Report. The buyers thought it was great and will remit payment to you. In addition, they plan on providing your report to the HOA so they can see areas that need some attention from an independent consultant level.” Andrea D. – Broker, Hasson Company Realtors, Portland, OR

“When we made our decision to purchase a condo, we were familiar with the need to arrange for a certified visual structural inspection of the unit. What we were not aware of was the additional importance of an independent pre-purchase assessment of the financial health of the Condominium Association we were joining. Our real estate agent strongly urged us to have this done and recommended CIDA for the task. The CIDA Report, which came with a detailed analysis of governance records and financial documents, enabled us to make our purchase with eyes opened to the strengths and weaknesses of the HOA. Both the report and follow-up conversations with Carson Horton of CIDA were extremely valuable to help us frame important questions for the HOA regarding financial projections that would directly affect us.” Richard H. – Portland, OR

“My experience with CRC was a very positive one. Carson Horton was very knowledgeable and informative in all his interactions with me. He answered all questions that I asked and most importantly asked the important questions that needed asking in order to complete a thorough report. His insights and experience were invaluable as I used the report created specifically for my situation to get a $6,000 reduction on the list price for the Townhouse that I was buying. The value of the CIDA Report created by CIDA cannot be understated. When buying a condominium or townhouse do not consider for one moment not using CIDA to help facilitate leverage to get yourself the best possible price on your purchase.” Howard S. – Hillsboro, OR

“CIDAprovides an important service for buyers, sellers and associations in the condominium marketplace. The quality and market reputation of the property is directly impacted by the health and viability of the association and all stakeholders should welcome the transparency that an organization like CRC can provide” Lee M., Broker – Hasson Company Realtors, Portland, OR

“Carson, Thank you for the CIDA Report, I’m so glad that you could help me so much with my first home (condo) purchase!” Toni M. – Portland,

“Carson, My buyers and I are both very satisfied with your CIDA Report service. You are prompt and detailed…#10!” Katie L., Broker – Premiere Property Group, LLC, Portland, OR

“I received the HOA documents for my new home. It was a bit overwhelming. I hired CRC to review the documents. They were extremely helpful and I definitely got more than my moneys worth. They pointed out information that played a key part in my home buying experience. I can’t believe someone would buy a condo without the eye of a professional to review these docs. Thanks, Carson!” Dallas R. – Portland, OR

“If you are working with a buyer that is purchasing a condo, you need Carson Horton. His knowledge and expertise is critical to advise your client about their financial decision to purchase a condominium. He will thoroughly review all of the necessary documents associated with and HOA and provide a detailed written report about the specific property your client is considering. It is the best money your client will spend in the due diligence stage of the transaction” Jules F. – Hasson Company Realtors, Portland, OR

“My broker recommended Carson for a forensic examination of the HOA for the Condo we bought this summer. Excellent referral. Excellent result. He gave the HOA a good grade, but noted an inconsistency in their insurance coverage, which I brought to the management company’s attention. Both they and the insurance company had overlooked this somewhat unusual requirement for three years and with egg on their face hastened to fix their oversight. The HOA, the Management Company and the Insurance Company are all in compliance now and free of a potential catastrophic liability. That’s a heck of result and great value, considering how little this report cost me.” Ken U. – Portland, OR