Useful Links

Any resourceful web surfer can search the internet and find numerous websites that depict the horrors of living in an HOA. The following list of links includes a number of websites that we have found to be useful, credible sources of information about subjects related to homeowners associations.

The inclusion of these links on The HOA Detective blog does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service provider who may be associated with any of the websites. – The blog space of Dr. Evan McKenzie. Dr. McKenzie is an author, professor and one the nation’s leading critics of HOAs and privatized residential governance. To learn more about Dr. McKenzie and his work you may also visit his website at: – The website for the Common-Interest Homeowners Coalition of New Jersey whose mission is to serve as the independent voice for homeowners in New Jersey residential community associations, to promote and strengthen democratic governance, and to advance the general welfare of homeowners. – On the Commons is a weekly radio show which discusses issues related to HOAs and condominiums. The show is broadcast live from WEBR in Fairfax, VA. The site contains an archive of past shows and other information related to HOAs. – A companion site to the On the Commons radio show. From this site you can access many of the more recent radio shows in a searchable format. – The website operated by the Center for California Homeowner Association Law. The CCHAL is a non-profit organization dedicated to the consumer protection of homeowners living in California HOAs. – The website for the Executive Council of Homeowners, a California based non-profit organization that provides advocacy and assistance to California HOAs. The site contains a vast amount of information related to HOAs and is a useful resource for homeowners, Board members and industry professionals. – Cyber Citizens for Justice is a Florida based property owners advocacy group. CCJF  operates the CCJF Foundation, Inc. an information portal for legal issues affecting Florida HOAs and property owners. You may access the CCJF website at: – The Florida HOA & Condo Blog is the blog space of HOA attorney Eric Glazer; HOA management company owner Darlys Walker and CCJF president Jan Bergemann. The site contains numerous posts dating back to 2012 on matters related to HOAs and property ownership in the state of Florida. – Independent American Communities (IAC) is the blog space of Deborah Goonan. Ms. Goonan is a writer, blogger and educator based n Lewisburg, PA whose mission is to educate and inform the public about issues related to Association-governed communities. – The CIDA Report  is the nation’s leading pre-purchase financial due diligence service for home buyers and the sponsor of The HOA Detective blog space. The website provides information related to the topic of financial due diligence and an order platform where you may purchase a CIDA Report for any HOA in North America.